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Hey guys! Welcome to my new website. With Instagram, it is getting harder and harder to get our work out there. So, I have decided to start a newsletter and a members only page for you guys! This way we can keep in touch, or get to know each other better. We can chat in the forum, you can fee free to ask me questions about anything, or you can respond to my emails to talk one on one! My newsletter will include behind the scenes look at my work and process, coupons and deals to purchase my pieces or to snag a custom work, and details about the new members only section of my site! Within 24 hours of subscribing, you will get a password to access the pages. I'm going to be posting tutorial videos, informative blog posts, lettering and illustration work books and so much more! And guess what? You will be the only one with access to that content! 

So sign on up! I'm so excited to get to know you all better and cant wait for this next adventure! 

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