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About Darra

Hi! I'm Darra, The owner and Artist of dear darling. i have been making art for as long as I can remember. From a young age, everyone knew this is what i was meant to do. In high school, i had an amazing mentor that took me under her wing, and by senior year i was with her 5 periods a day. She taught me so much about creating art and fueled my fire. I had a really rough childhood, and art was my therapy, my way out. in 2016, i lost my mother.. and i wanted to create some unique decor for her memorial service, so i taught myself calligraphy. after i shared the photos online, i was getting asked to create pieces for weddings and fell in love with it. i love creating bespoke pieces, i love listening to love stories, and i love being surrounded by so much positivity. now a days, when i'm not working, I'm probably watching the bachelor or working on a personal painting just for fun. I am a mama to a little  boy named Leelynn, and in love with the love of my life. I live for reese cups, ben and jerry's (it has to be milk n cookies) and cheese fries. I am just a baltimore girl,  that gets to do what she loves every single day.. and i'm so grateful you're here.   

About Dear Darling

Dear Darling is a full service creative design studio based in Baltimore, MD. We create everything handmade you would need for a wedding or event. From save the dates,  all the way up to day of decor, we have your back. Dear Darling has been in business since 2015 and has served 670 clients all over the world. We have shipped our work to insane places like Bali, Dubai, China, Australia and more. We are a bespoke boutique, so we create pieces based off of your theme, 1000% made to order just for you. When deciding on a Business name, Darra thought back to her teen years and her myspace name haha Darling Dear, from a lyric from her favorite band Hop Along. Her Fiancé suggested that she switch it around to Dear Darling, like a love letter.. and DD was born!

Hey! I’m Darra. If you’re new here, this

Beyond Weddings + Events

Dear Darling Weddings is just a small part of Dear Darling Design Studio. I am still very active in taking personal projects, mural painting clients and art installation clients. My personal work is very colorful (if you couldn't tell from this website! hah) and is very inspired by 70’s design. I sell my designs on apparel, mugs, posters and beyond! I have been an artist for my entire life and while I love creating wedding calligraphy and stationery I have to make sure that I continue to work on my illustration and lettering work. I am well versed in many mediums including digital art, watercolors, acrylic painting and drawing. 


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Family is everything

Everything i do, i do for my family.  My son Leelynn, my partner joe, my brother dustin and my nephew gavin! This entire business is family run, and when you work with us, you really are helping a family's dream come true!  Every dollar we make goes into supporting our little family, not into a big corporations bank account.






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