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When it comes down to it, we are just artists that fell in love with weddings. so we are painters, creators, designers and makers. we've been in this field for over 10 years, and love making unique pieces for our clients. from full on event design, to art installations, to custom backdrops, to portraits, we have done it all.

What we offer:

full wedding design

we  design the entire aesthetic of your wedding. we help you choose everything from the theme, to the color palette, to the chargers and florals. we will make sure that your personalities shine through and that you feel your best on your wedding day.

Past Designs:

Cotton Candy Skies  and Starbursts of love 


We create custom backdrops, ceremony arches, décor, hanging installations and beyond. we've teamed up with Taylor Riley of Myth and Moss, a fiber art studio, to create our collaboration, the darling myth. Where we create mixed media art installations for weddings and events using a mix of fiber and fine art!


Custom Portraits

Before Darra picked up calligraphy, she was a full time portrait painter. it is still her number one passion and she loves when she gets the chance to create them. whether you want a jumbo portrait to use as a welcome sign, a portrait on your invitation, or want us to come paint a portrait live on the wedding day, we would love to paint your face.


If it involves painting or creating in any way, we can do it. we have spent our entire life studying art and design, and have worked with so many different mediums, concepts and design elements. we would love to take that vision in your head and bring it to life!


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